Common Questions Men Ask

Here are some of the most common questions/objections I hear…

Why can’t I just go and find a local counsellor and talk to them? 

Well, you can! But just know that every counsellor is different. You might get a good, experienced one, you might not. You might get one that you resonate with, you might not. You can see here my background and how I operate. 

I’m more than willing to go into that dark place with you, tackle any demons, and then walk out victorious beside you.

That said if I’m not a match for you, I wholeheartedly approve of you trying any other kind of counselling/therapy/coaching. Find someone you really resonate with. Speak with a few different people before making a final decision.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Does it really work?

Unequivocally, YES! You can view some of my testimonials and success stories here; I have many, many more too. The more you commit to this process, the more you’ll achieve. If we agree to work together, I want you to go ALL in. I’ll go ALL in with you too. This has to happen if you want an amazing result. 

You must be willing to trust me enough to open up and share everything (confidentially). Scary I know, but oh so worth it. When Men are listened to properly and sincerely, they open up beautifully (and so quickly). They tell me things they didn’t even know they knew! This is possible for you too.

Are you sure this will work for me? My life/experience/past is different. It’s more complex…?

Everyone has a story, but it really doesn’t matter. My Method works on all of them. I don’t think there can be a scenario I haven’t come across. I can help you, and I can do it quickly and simply without keeping you in therapy for years. My 90 day Method is a relatively short period of time that can make an unbelievable difference to your life.


Is it more expensive than normal counselling?

Yes, because it’s not normal counselling. It’s specialised therapy by an expert in Men and their mental and emotional health. My Method is tried and tested; it’s been refined over many clients and many years. You are paying for that experience and expertise.

Will this whole process feel really painful and unpleasant?

No, not at all. We might be dealing with some heavy stuff initially, but we’ll be doing it from the healing side, not from the painful side. Most Men really look forward to and enjoy their sessions. There may be some tears (I actively encourage this), because tears facilitate release and relief. Boys DO cry, when they feel safe to. That said most sessions are positive, uplifting and very empowering. If appropriate, we’ll even have a laugh too.

If you’re still unsure whether The Method is right for you, fill out the application on my contact page, let’s have a chat.

“Christina helped me when I was at absolute rock bottom. She was kind and caring and really understood how to pull me out of the dark place I was in.

I had really bad anger issues and had done some things I really wasn’t proud of, but Christina helped me to overcome them and move forward.

I am so much happier and more positive now. I’m really, really pleased I found her.ˮ