Happy Men

Here are some real-life case studies from just a few of my Happy Men.

Buckle up because there’s a lot of information here, but I feel it’s really important for you to hear what my Men have experienced in their own words.

If any of their stories resonate with you, perhaps it’s time…

John – A case of just not being able to open up emotionally…

  • We met when John was getting divorced – he was very successful financially, but really struggling emotionally.
  • In a very depressed state – drinking a lot, not eating and not looking after himself at all.
  • His wife had had a couple of affairs previously – claiming it was because of his inability to open up emotionally.
  • He had a terrible relationship with his two teenage children.
  • He’d had a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with his mother as a child.

Here’s what John had to say after working with me…

“Sometimes in life you can’t see the wood for the trees and you need someone objective to point out the realities of a situation…to help you navigate through complex emotional issues and keep reminding you that you will come through it.

Christina helped me mentally and emotionally deal with all my issues. I always considered myself quite a strong person but I can’t explain just how much Christina helped me cope and more importantly see a future I couldn’t see at the time.

Everything is now going so well. My life is very much going from strength to strength in every area and I’m now in the best relationship of my life.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Christina…Asking for help is one of the best things you can possibly do when you’re struggling”

Dan – A case of not knowing an emotion if it hit him in the face…

  • We met when Dan had been single for 5 years – he was a handsome millionaire but very lonely.
  • Deeply depressed, he told me he felt like he was just waiting for death.
  • He famously once said to me, he wouldn’t know an emotion if it hit him in the face!
  • He had a difficult relationship with his only son, who was troubled.
  • Born illegitimately to a teenage mother – he was called a little bastard every day for the first 16 years of his life.

Here’s what Dan had to say after working with me…

“I was miserable and shut down before I met Christina. But she opened me up in a way I never thought possible. I can’t believe how different my life is now. She literally changed the way I viewed myself and the world.

An hour with Christina makes you feel like you’ve been on the best holiday ever. She’s that good at this emotional stuff.

Don’t hesitate, do it. You’ll be so glad you did”

Kev W – A case of the world at his feet then BOOM…!

  • We met when Kev was approaching his 50th birthday.
  • He was the owner of a large, thriving construction company.
  • He’d been married for many years and had a wonderful relationship with his 2 grown up children.
  • He was warm, charming, and VERY wealthy. In his own words, he considered himself to be “very lucky” and with the world at his feet.
  • Although previously very contented in life, with his mid-life birthday looming he became enveloped in a dark, lonely, vulnerable place.

Here’s what Kev had to say after working with me…

“I thought I had the world at my feet and life was as rosy as ever.

Then BOOM how wrong was I!

I hit a very dark place in my personal life. I felt lost, lonely and so vulnerable to the world. I couldn’t talk to my family or friends and my 30 year relationship was quickly failing.

In stepped Christina – a welcome voice, face and life-line. She gave me direction with truth, warmth and feeling. She was someone to talk to, vent to and cry with. It was the best therapy I’ve ever had.

She helped me to get back on the right path and then taught me how to love myself again.

To any man who is going through struggles, no matter how big or small, reach out. Talk, cry, hurt, laugh and plan for the future. There is a life out there for you and it’s a beautiful one.

Don’t hesitate…contact Christina – I promise you faithfully, you will not regret it for one single second – you’ll learn to love life, yourself and others again.

Life is so precious, we only get one. Go and bloody grasp it. Thanks to Christina, that’s what I’m doing now“

David – A case of a punched microwave…

  • We met when David was about to be sacked for his severe anger issues. He bottled everything up and then exploded.
  • He had a very responsible job but was always flaring up at work. His staff were very wary of his explosive temper. 
  • He punched things a lot. When we met, he had a broken hand from punching his microwave.
  • He was divorced and had no real friends. He’d considered suicide many times.
  • He hated his physically abusive father and hadn’t spoken to him for over 25 years.
  • He’d had a stammer all his life and was badly bullied at school because of it.

Here’s what David had to say after working with me…

“Christina understood exactly what was happening with me and my emotional state; she helped me work through it all and gave me the tools to deal with my issues. 

Anyone needing help should go to Christina. She’s the best”

KEVIN C – A case of being in limbo. Not really wanting to die, but not wanting to live either…

  • We met when Kevin had hit rock bottom.
  • He was in his mid-50’s, successful in business and with a close knit supportive family. 
  • He was pleasant, easy going and amiable.
  • He had 3 grown-up children and 2 grand-children that meant the world to him.
  • Outwardly, he told me that he came across as strong and dependable. But inwardly and secretly, he lacked confidence, was severely depressed and often thought about taking his own life. 
  • He admitted that he was in a kind of limbo; he didn’t really want to die, but he didn’t want to live either. 

Here’s what Kevin had to say after working with me…

“Over the last 25+ years, it’s my children that have kept me going, albeit barely ticking over. Putting my children through losing their father to mental illness just wasn’t an option, so living in limbo and going through the motions was where I stayed.

The hardest part about having therapy for me was sharing the darkest moments of my past, the things that haunted the majority of my waking life. I’d seen people for help before, but never dared share those things – showing weakness and emotion wasn’t what I did.

Christina came through recommendation and was probably my last ditch attempt to find some closure…to move on and hopefully find some happiness. I can honestly say she has saved me! 

I cannot thank her enough.

She is very easy to talk to and has a wealth of experience. I was able to open up and talk to her in confidence. She’s not only helped me see the real me but she’s given me the confidence to make some of the hardest, life-changing  decisions, that I dared not even contemplate before. 

From the long dark tunnel I was in, I am now out in the light. I have clarity and a new taste for life that I’d never dared dream about experiencing. Thank you Christina, I will be forever grateful”.

Merv – A case of feeling like a worthless zombie and taking an overdose…

  • We met when Merv just couldn’t take any more.
  • He was a 6ft well-built, tattooed, shaven-headed, very masculine guy – a boxer and frequent gym goer.
  • Despite his outward tough guy appearance, he was probably one of the most nervous clients I’d ever worked with.
  • He ran a successful, but physically demanding business, travelling all over the country with his work.
  • He was polite and well-mannered – a good guy, with all the right values.
  • He was a great Dad and extremely close to his 4 children. 

Here’s what Merv had to say after working with me…

“People look up to me and are always telling me how great I’m doing in life. I’m well-known and well-liked in my area. I have loads of friends. I’m what most people would describe as a good, well-maintained, successful guy.

But all of this meant nothing to me, because for most of my life, my head had made be believe I wasn’t good enough, that I was worthless. My self-esteem was non-existent. I never looked at myself in the mirror and thought I was doing ok.

Being the masculine guy I am, I just brushed everything off. This was my downfall! 

Earlier this year things got so bad…I got so low, that I attempted to take my own life…I just couldn’t see a way out. I felt so alone and to be honest, ashamed for feeling low – this only made my depression worse. It had got to the point where I would go to sleep wishing I just wouldn’t wake up. I couldn’t bear another day full of negative thoughts…feeling worthless…and being alone in what I can only describe as a zombie-like state.

This continued for weeks, until one night I’d just had enough. I thought to myself I can’t do this anymore and I took an overdose. 

Luckily a friend found me. This is what led me to Christina. She had supported my friend years before. He pushed me to give it a try.

I’m not the kind of guy that asks for help, and to be honest, I used to think that therapy was for two types of people. Ones who had suffered massive traumas and weak people! I’ve never been so wrong.

The best thing I’ve ever done in my 34 years on the planet is dial Christina’s number. I wish I’d done it years ago. From that very first phone call Christina made me feel at ease somehow.

The sessions were not what most men envisage – lying on a sofa while some over-qualified toff tells you that it’s your life choices that have caused all your problems…

I was so nervous and uneasy in that first session. Christina just asked simple, easy-to-answer questions to build a picture of me and my life and she never judged me once!

Every session after that she made me feel completely at ease and not only reassured me that I was a good guy and worth something, she also made me see that I am too. It wasn’t just words of encouragement; she physically gave me the ability to see it for myself. She uncovered some traumatic experiences from my past that I never even realised had had an impact on my mental health.

Fast track almost 6 months down the line and I’ve never felt so good about myself. 

I’ve never been so positive and comfortable in my own company. All those months ago I craved approval from other people, now the only approval I need is my own. I’ve never been so happy.

I know there are guys out there like me. Please don’t ever think you’re weak or pathetic for reaching out. Please take that first step, I promise that that is the hardest part – you will not regret it! 

Invest in yourself, your self-esteem, your LIFE! We only get one, make sure you’re in control of it – not your depressed, mixed-up mind.

Christina is an amazing woman and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. Don’t just take my word for this, reach out. It’s not just a job to Christina, not just an income; she genuinely does care and wants you to see why the world is a better place with you in it. She really is one of life’s good people. Not all superheroes wear capes! 

She literally saved my life.”

My Men usually love my analogies, so picture if you will a river with a bank on either side. One side is the happy, light riverbank, where the sun shines and all the flowers grow. The other side is the miserable dark riverbank where it’s always gloomy and nothing grows.

I live on the happy side in the sunshine. When I first met with my case study Men they were all living on the miserable side in the gloom.

My Method created clearly-defined stepping stones that enabled them to cross the river to the sunny side. Now they’re living in the happiness and sunshine too.

Is it time for you to cross the stepping stones and come and join our happy tribe?