You feel like you should have it all figured out by now.

You’ve done all the right things.

You have the great business/career, the nice place and plenty of money in the bank.

On paper you have a great life, but inside you feel empty, fed up and flat…maybe even worse than that…

You can’t help feeling that there must be more to life than this.

You hide it all behind a mask or a plastic smile so nobody knows…but then you go and drown your sorrows when you think nobodies watching.

You feel like you don’t have the right to complain – other people have it so much worse.

And you don’t want to be a burden to anyone…that’s the last thing you want.

Life’s just not working out the way you hoped or expected it would.

The money was supposed to change everything – you’ve worked so so hard.

But it hasn’t…you’re still only existing.

Sure you’re alive…but you’re certainly not living.

At best, you’re just going through the motions every day and steadily feeling worse.

You’ve closed off your emotions as much as you possibly can, so you don’t have to feel anymore.

You feel lonely…even when you’re married or in a relationship.

Maybe you have meaningless flings?

Random sex with random people.

You spend your life in a logical, practical state, sharing very little of yourself with anyone…even close friends and/or your partner.

You just get on with it.

The moment a painful memory or feeling surfaces, you push it straight back down again, distracting yourself with work, hobbies and another substances.

You worry, because deep down you know you can only suppress these feelings for so long before the volcano erupts or the depression becomes too much to bear.

Maybe you don’t even realise that you’ve been suppressing your feelings.

You’ve been doing this for so long now, it’s become automatic.

You have a hyper-critical voice inside your head that drives you…you’re worthless if you don’t succeed, you have to provide or you’re not good enough…you have to toe the line…you have to do what’s expected of you…you have to just keep going, it doesn’t matter how miserable you are…

You believed if you became financially prosperous and successful all of this would go away.

That none of it could touch you anymore.

But sadly that’s not the case.

If anything, it feels worse than ever.

Many people believe that money can buy happiness.

But you can’t ever buy your way to happiness…or true love or deep connection. 

There’s absolutely no correlation between someone’s wealth and someone’s happiness.

Trust me; I’ve worked with many miserable millionaires.

I know we all have bills to pay, but once they’re covered, the excess does very little for our happiness.

I believe money magnifies whatever was there in the first place.

If there was already true love and deep happiness, the money will give you even more opportunities to be in love and happy.

If you’re depressed and lonely, with very few real connections in your life, it will only magnify that too.

You’ll think to yourself “I’ve worked so hard and earned all this money and where’s it got me? I’m still as lonely as ever. What’s it all about? I have the means to go anywhere I desire in the world, but I’ll still be lonely and depressed if I’m by myself.”

Wherever we go, we take ourselves with us.

Money can’t buy us love or loyalty or honesty or respect or true friendship or real connection.

None of the REALLY good worthwhile things in life can be bought.

Sure, as we’ve said, money gives us options and choices.

We can be unhappy in better surroundings and locations, but we’ll still be unhappy.

Our deep emotional wounds will still bleed, no matter how much money we have in the bank.

The way to love and true happiness is through your emotions.

We have to find the door to your emotions and push it wide open.

Did I hear a groan?

I know this is excruciating for a lot of Men, but I will be your guide, your trusted companion and your teammate on this journey.

Most Men are really not comfortable discussing their emotions for all the reasons we’ve previously stated.

Most of you would much rather get naked with someone physically than emotionally!

But our emotions play a HUGE role in our relationships, and our relationships play a HUGE role in our overall life satisfaction.

Get your relationships right (including the one that you have with yourself) and your whole life improves.

It can be uncomfortable talking about needs and feelings, I know, but it’s much more uncomfortable having to get over a divorce, affair or devastating loneliness, so they’re well worth mastering.

After all these years as a therapist, I’m now an emotions expert.

TRUE happiness can only come from allowing our emotions to flow freely.

To experience life to the fullest we must FEEL it, not just think it, drink it or buy it.

Being vulnerable is not weak.

Let me just shout that again…


It’s empowering and wonderful.

When we get the emotional part of you right, your happiness will soar.

I promise.

Let’s start your journey.

Much Love

Christina xx