When I was first introducing The Happy Man Method outside of my therapy practice, I decided to attend some male-dominated environments to gauge feedback and start some conversations.

One of the presentations I set up was at my local golf club – lots of successful Men over 40 there ☺

I put a poster up in the bar that gave a few details of what to expect.

I have a friend/mole at the club who was keeping an eye on things for me.

This is what he witnessed when he asked the other golfers if they would be attending:-

  • Most of them said no, point blank, not a chance.
  • Some said it might be ok, but that they were busy that day walking the dog, washing their car, polishing their clubs or some other mundane chores that could most definitely have waited.
  • Many made derogatory comments and/or innuendos about my appearance.
  • A few agreed that they might attend, only to be ridiculed and shot down by the other more vocally negative members of the clubhouse, shaming them for even admitting it could be what they needed.

Consequently barely anyone from the club attended.

My friend told me that at some point he had played golf/conversed with most of the Men he’d questioned, and in his opinion, they would ALL have benefited from the Method in some way or another.

The vocal, negative ones were the ones who needed it the most…

It’s a shame, but I can’t drag Men in.

All I can do is share the Method with you, and show you what it’s done for the Men who were willing to give it a try.

There’s so much bravado and ego amongst Men – so many of them will just mock or joke about the things that they’re scared of.

Those Men tend to just follow the pack.

I think it’s a very brave man who’s willing to stand up and go against the crowd/majority.

To ignore the banter and do what feels right to him.

It’s all down to your conditioning.

We talked about this in the So Many Unhappy Men section of the website. See here [hyperlink]

But therein lies the problem.

Literally millions of Men are struggling mentally and emotionally, but won’t do anything about it.

To be fair, most Men don’t realise they CAN do anything about it.

Here are the latest figures for suicides in England. (Source:

5219 suicides were registered in 2021 (307 more than in 2020).

The male suicide rate was 15.8 per 100,000 compared to the female suicide rate of 5.5 per 100,000.

So based on 2021 figures, Men are 3 times more likely to take their own lives than women.

Males aged 50-54 were found to have the highest rate (22.5 per 100,000).

That’s 4.5 times as many as the females in the same age group.

What sad, shocking figures.

SO many Men I support are having suicidal thoughts.

Some have made plans and some have even attempted suicide.

They’re stuck in a horrible dark limbo they don’t know how to get out of – many of my testimonials and case studies bear this out.

If you haven’t already, please read my Happy Men page here [hyperlink].

They live behind masks and facades, pretending to the outside world that everything is fine and they’re ok, when in reality it’s the complete opposite.

Most Men believe you have to have deep psychological issues to attend therapy.

It’s not something that they even want to consider.

They imagine it will all be really painful….excruciating even, and super-uncomfortable.

Not to mention embarrassing, if anyone ever found out.

And it’s none of those things…honestly.

Lots of Men say to me “What can talking about things change anyway”?

Well it can change a lot actually.

It won’t change the FACTS of the past, nothing can change those, but it WILL change how you view them and how you feel about them.

It will remove the emotional charge that has been causing you to experience such deep pain.

It will process them, so you can finally put them to rest.

Your untreated wounds are often still bleeding DECADES after they first occurred.

We’re never taught how to process our negative emotions, our fears, doubts and traumas. 

We never get given the tools, so we just carry them around with us.

Most Men bottle them up, ignore them, sweep them under the carpet and basically try to bury them anywhere, in any way they can.

Anything, but actually pulling them out into the light and processing them.

Then they go back to work, where they can forget all about them…for a little while at least.

Until they rear their ugly heads further down the line.

Then the cycle just begins all over again.

I so, so, so want to help you break that cycle.

I’ve got the tools to enable you to do it!

Most men have NEVER done anything like this before, but my guys who have done it, have never looked back.

For so many of them, it’s literally saved their lives.

Are you going to let the Method save yours?

Please be brave enough to not follow the crowd and give the Method a try.

Let’s talk.

Much Love

Christina xx