Quite a lot actually ☺

Clearly I’m not a Man, and I don’t think or feel like a Man, but I’ve been surrounded by Men all my life.

My Dad, my Step-Dad, my brother, 3 step-brothers, a husband, a son and many hundreds (possibly thousands) of male colleagues, staff, friends and clients.

I understand Men.

I understand their foibles and idiosyncrasies…their unique ways.

Plus I’ve witnessed suicide, early death by excessive alcohol, depression and heartbreak in my own life.

I’ve become like a really special friend to many Men – the one person they can completely open up to and trust implicitly.

I do have a string of professional qualifications, but I have to say, not one single person I’ve EVER worked with has asked me about them, OR taken a blind bit of notice (they are all proudly displayed on my office wall).

I also have many, many years of therapeutic experience too. 

But that’s not why people usually choose to work with me either.

Most of my clients find me through recommendation – a friend, colleague, or family member has previously had my support.

But do you know what the ones that don’t come through recommendation usually say?

They say she reminds me of my Mum, Friend, Sister, Auntie, old Next-Door-Neighbour, Primary School Teacher etc etc…

She looked like she would be understanding and wouldn’t judge me…

She had soft eyes…

Or a kind face…

Or any number of similar things.


That’s how some Men choose…and that’s ok.

Often the decision around the person who we finally open up to is made based on a feeling…it’s an instinct, made on an energetic, subconscious level.

Does this person seem like my kind of person?

Will she get me?

Will she understand how I tick?

Some Men prefer to open up to another Man and some Men prefer to open up to a Woman.

Either is fine…

Clearly you must go where you feel most comfortable.

Just open up to someone.

Most Men only ever open up when they’re at absolute rock bottom.

The straw has broken the proverbial camel’s back and you can no longer carry on.

You generally have to be dragged kicking and screaming into my therapy room/zoom – literally! 

You imagine it like a punishment.

A fate worse than death!

Once you arrive though, and begin to feel safe and comfortable, you start to transform before my very eyes.

The vast majority of you have NEVER shared your innermost stuff with anyone – not a soul.

You’ve hidden all your tears, traumas, disappointments and fears.

You’ve had a lifetime of pushing things down and sweeping them under the carpet – literally years of ignoring your pain.

So sadly, by the time you get to me, many of you have wounds that are bleeding heavily.

I compare it to dragging around a heavy suitcase full of all the old emotional junk you’ve never been able to deal with.

It’s made life ten times harder than it needed to be.

No wonder so many of you feel so rotten.

It really isn’t as painful as you fear.

Many of my clients actively LOOK FORWARD to their sessions.


Don’t get me wrong, therapy or coaching can’t change the past, but it can MOST CERTAINLY change how you FEEL about the past.

It creates an emotional separation, a detachment from what was holding you back.

As you start to offload all your old junk and baggage, you visibly lighten.

Everything about you lifts.

When you finally learn how good it feels to verbalise and vocalise your issues and get them of your chest you become like a new man ☺

You’re free-flowing and open.

This is when we can rebuild you better than ever.

We discover what really makes you tick.

Most of you don’t know!

We go deep inside to find the core of who you REALLY are.

Happiness and peace of mind are ALWAYS an inside job.

The answer’s are there, we just need to poke around a bit to find them.

This is how we uncover your true gifts…your passions.

What it is that floats your boat and makes your soul sing?

You start to become your own truth-telling hero and it’s so wonderful to witness.

You start to really like yourself…often for the first time in your life.

You come to realise that it’s only when you live as your true, healed, authentic self that you can be truly happy and  at peace.

I’m so blessed to be the facilitator of such a wonderful blossoming.

I have the best job in the world ☺

Are you ready to experience your blossoming?

Then let’s talk. 

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Much Love

Christina xx